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The Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal system provides real-time information, including: Demographics, Schedules, Assessment Scores, Calendar, Report Card Grades, Attendance, Graduation Progress, Academic Planner, Online Annual Registration, Reports, District and School Notices.  Once a student has been enrolled, guardians with valid email accounts will be sent an email invitation to create a parent portal account.  Please check your spam folder if you do not see yours after a week or so.  If you need assistance, please contact your school registrar or email

Class Assignments and weekly progress grades are located in Schoology. Select Schoology for Help.

Campus Student Portal username and passwords are the same as their Google username minus   These credentials are given out at the school.  Please contact your school for your credentials.




 If you are using an anonymizing VPN service (e.g., Nord VPN, Mullvad, Proton, and Sharksurf) on your computer or mobile device, you will not be able to reach Campus Portal or the Infinite Campus site.  Your browser will instead display a 404 error message. Disconnecting from your VPN service and refreshing your browser will resolve the block and the page should load.

Annual Registration Help

Please use Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser.  Internet Explorer is not recommended. Please do not use a tablet, Ipad or cell phone to complete this application.  You may need to turn off your pop up blocker and clear cache or cookies to continue. Browser issues have caused the online application to not open or data not to be displayed (e.g., students not shown, Begin Registration button not shown).

Be sure to use a parent account during annual enrollment, not a student account, to login to portal. After logging in to portal, please verify that all students are listed before you begin the online application.

If you have not received an invitation email to create an account, trying to re-set a password, or not getting teacher emails sent from Campus, please check your SPAM folder.

Also, whitelisting the following emails may help ensure delivery of emails. See whitelisting instructions for Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and Comcast or Xfinity. For AOL, See AOL whitelisting. To whitelist  Hotmail and Other emails, see Hotmail.


If more assistance is needed, please see Campus Portal FAQs or contact any FCPS school where you have a student enrolled. If you do not have a Campus Portal account or have any questions, please contact your school registrar or contact us at